Best Costume Ideas for Couples

Welcome to Couples Fancy Dress, the UK's only website dedicated to outfits for couples. Need some inspiration? Here you'll find all the best theme ideas in one place, and we link to the lowest-priced supplier for each costume set, so there's no need to shop around!

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Couples Nautical Sailor Fancy Dress Set. Inc. 2 dough boy hats and scarfs.


This highly rated set is excellent value and includes two dough boy hats and scarves. Simply add to a white T-shirt as shown. 



Ooh la la! You'll look magnifque in these matching outfits with striped tees, berets, scarves and garlic garlands.

Breakfast Buddies Bacon and Egg Couples Fancy Dress Costumes


Nothing beats good old fashioned bacon and eggs for breakfast, and you'll look sizzling in these outfits!

6 Piece Unisex Instant Police Kit with tie, hat, truncheon, badge, handcuffs and aviator shades.


This 6 piece unisex police set can be added to a black dress for women or trousers and white shirt for men.

Mens Ladies Caveman and Cavewoman Animal Print Costumes


Bring out your wild side in these matching animal print outfits. Perfect for clubbing, but not literally!

Victorian Bathers Costumes for Him and Her


You'll look spiffing in these vintage style striped bathing outfits for him and her, with boater hats. 

Bloody Zombie Surgeon & Nurse Couples Fancy Dress


Ideal for a horror or Halloween theme, playing doctors and nurses has never been so much fun!

Adam and Eve Fancy dress costumes for couple


Would you Adam and Eve it! You'll be able to walk around starkers without getting arrested in these jumpsuits.

Cry Baby Adult Unisex Fancy Dress Costumes for Couples


You'll have a wail of a time in these matching big baby outfits. Just don't throw your toys out of the pram!



Praise the lord and keep the faith in this great value costume set for couples. Sizes from small to XXL available.

A colourful fancy dress set with two sombreros (choice of colours), ponchos, cigars and stick-on Moustaches.

Couples Matching Fred and Wilma Flinstone Caveman Cavefirl Costumes


Pay homage to the 60s cartoon The Flintstones, or use these outfits for a caveman and cavegirl theme.

Wine and Cheese Fancy dress costumes for couple


Everyone loves a good wine and cheese party, and you'll look very tasty indeed in these outfits.

Couples Greek God and Goddess Costume Ser


Go back to ancient Greece in these stunning toga costumes, which will certainly get you noticed.

Couples Cheerleader American Football Sports Fancy Dress Costumes


American football/soccer costume for men and cheerleader outfit for ladies. SIzes from 8 to 22.

Couples Hawaiian Costume Set. Mens Zulu Warrior Costume and Ladies Hawaiian Party Girl


Aloha! This budget-priced grass skirt party costume set with accessories has all you need for a Hawaiian style celebration!

Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume Set


You'll look electrifying in these costumes which are guaranteed to produce funnyinnuendos galore at any party!

Unisex Budget 3 Piece Pirate Costume Set for Adults with inflatable sword, eye patch and wig.


Ahoy there! Take to the seas with this excellent value pirate fancy dress set with wig, eye patch and inflatable set.

60s, 70s Hippie Couple Flower Power Costumes for man and woman


Show some peace and love in these matching flower power hippy costumes. Ideal for 60s and 70s dress-up. 

Puzzle Pieces Couple Fancy dress costume Standard


You'll instantly click in these brightly-coloured puzzle outfits. This is a unique and quirky costume idea.

Deluxe French Mime Artist Couples Fancy Dress Costume Set


If you're the silent type then these classic mime artist outfits are for you. Ideal for French themed fancy dress.

Adults Mario and Luigi Costumes for Couples


Become the iconic plumber brothers in these jumpsuits with hats.Ideal for 80s, 90s and gaming themed dress-up.

Bananas in Pyjamas Costume Set for Couple


Go back to the 90s and pay homage to the classic kids TV series, or the more recent cartoon series.

Adults Tomato Ketchup + Spicy Mustard Bottle Costumes Set for Couples


Bring some flavour to the party in these highly rated costumes. You'll gets lots of condiments. Sorry, I mean compliments!

Unisex Soap and Loofah Costumes for Adult Couple


Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so they say, and you'll definitely be the cleanest looking couple at any party!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste Costume - 2 Pc Set - Couples Costumes


This is a unique and very comical idea.These are also easy-fit costumes you simply pull over your head.

Adult Peanut Butter & Jam Couples Costumes


A quick and easy, low cost dress-up idea. Become everyone's favourite sandwich fillings and spread some love.

Couples Colourful Tie Dye Hippy Fancy Dress Set


Peace man! Go back to the 60s in these eye-catching, groovypsychedelic hippy outfits. 

Dalmation Suit and Cruela De Vil Costume Set for Couples


Dalmation Suit for Men and Cruela de Vil Costume for Women. Become an evil dog-hating duo for the night.

Couples Ladies & Mens Matching Traditional Mexican Costumes Set


Grab your maracas, sombrero and maybe an Americano, and become a Mexican couple in these classic outfits.

Couples Ladies & Mens Matching Red Tartan Scottish Traditional National Dress Fancy Dress Outfits


Hoots Mon! Celebrate everything Scottish with this traditional style red tartan costume set for him and her.

Couples Ladies and Mens Viking Historical Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes Outfits (One Size)


Become fearless viking warriors in these matching outfits for him and her. A longship is not included - darn!

Couples Ladies AND Mens Circus Clown Carnival Costumes


You'll have plenty of fun and frolics in these bright and cheerful matching clown outfits.  

Couples Ladies & Mens Carnival Court Jester Medieval Circus Entertainers Fancy Dress Costumes Outfits (Ladies UK 12-14 & Mens Medium)


Become a pair of fools in these eye-catching jester outfits. Just be sure you don't upset any queens with your jokes.



Become St. George and a Tudor queen in these stunning outfits for adults. Ideal for historical and Tudor period dress-up. 

1920s Gangster and Flapper Girl Costumes for Couple


Go back to the roaring twenties. The ladies dress is available in black, pink or red. Full range of size choices.

Addams Family Costume Set for Couples - Gomez and Morticia.


The Addams Family Costumes

Become Gomez and Morticia Addams from the films and TV series. Particularly ideal for Halloween dress-up.

Couples Playing Cards Outfits for man and woman.


Couples King and Queen Costumes

Become royalty in these playing card themed outfits for adults. 

Couples Baroque Pirate Buccaneer Costumes for Man and Women


Baroque Pirate Couple Costumes

Take command of the high seas in these swashbuckling pirate captain and pirate vixen costumes for adults. 

Harvest Scarecrow Couples fancy dress costumes


Harvest Scarecrow Couples Costumes

Make hay while the sun shines in these quirky scarecrow outfits. 

Cheese and Cracker Costumes for Couples


Cheese and Cracker Costumes

These costumes are quick and easy to put on and you'll definitely look very tasty in them!

Scary Evil Harlequin Clown Costumes for Couple


Scary Evil Clown Costumes

Harlequin themed outfits with clown jumpsuit with wig, and evil jester female dress.

80s Shellsuit Couple for Adults


80s Shellsuit Couple

Go back to the 1980s when crinkly shellsuits with ghastly colours were all the rage. 

Couples Mens Only Fools And Horses Rodney and Del Boy Trotter Costumes


Del Boy and Rodney Costumes

You'll look cushty in these lovely jubbly Only Fools and Horses costumes from Del Boy's market stall.

Adults Laurel and Hardy Costumes


Laurel and Hardy Costumes

Become the vintage comedy duo Stan and Ollie, but make sure you don't get into another fine mess!

Couples Ladies AND Mens 1970s Costumes


70s Disco Couple

Strut your funky stuff and get down and groovy in these matching 70s flared costumes.

Shelock Holmes and Watson Fancy Dress Costumes for Couple


Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Turn detective in these excellent value costumes. It's elementary, my dear Watson.

Red Riding Hood and Wolf Couples Fancy Dress


Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costumes

An excellent idea for Halloween, but just make sure the wolf keeps those big hands to himself!

Adult Pair of Sneaker's Fancy dress costumes for Couple


Pair of Sneakers Costumes

Become solemates in these Converse style trainer/pump costumes. You'll get a real kick out of them, for sure!

Couples Beauty and the Beast Costume Set


Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Become the beastly Disney prince and the golden Belle in these stunning costumes.

The Blues Brothers Costumes

Celebrate the 1980 movie starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Includes 2 Suits with Trilby Hats and Shades.

Couples Vampire and Vampiress Costume Set for Adults


Vampire and Vampiress Costumes

You'll look fangtastic in these low cost cloaked vampire outfits which include face paint, fake blood and fangs.

Couple Adult Red Indian Costume Party Set - Native Americans


Native American Couple Costumes

An excellent value costume set which will allow you to pay homage to native American culture.

Black and White Royal Vampires Count and Countess Costumes for Couple


Dark Count and Countess Costumes

These elegant royal vampire costumes will make you the best-dressed couple in town.  



Spanish Mariarchi and Salsa Dancer

Includes an elegant ladies ruffle rumba dress and men's Sombrero hat, bow tie and moustache.

Classic Robber Burglar Couples Costume Set with Striped Tops and Eye Masks


Classic Robber Costumes for Couple

Become a pair of old schoolcrooks in these classic costumes which include a striped T-shirt and black eye mask.

Royal Tudor Couple Costumes - King and Queen.


Royal Tudor Couple Costumes

Become a King and Queen for the day in these very regal and matching historical red and gold costumes for adults. 

Couples Gothic Harlequin Court Jester Costumes for Man and Woman


Gothic Harlequin Court Jesters

Play the fool in these matching, black and white harlequin jester costumes with a gothic vibe.

1950s Cheerleader Couple Costumes for Man and Woman. Cheerleader dress and Letterman jacket


50s Cheerleader and American Footballer

Go back to the 1950s with this cheerleader dress for ladies and Letterman baseball jacket for men.

Adult Horse Jockey Couples Costumes, Unisex. Green and Yellow Striped


Adult Jockey Couple Costume Set

Saddle up for a pretend day at the races in these matching 5 piece horse jockey outfits with accessories. 

Couples Mens & Ladies Fancy Dress Betty AND Barney Rubble The Flinstones Prehistoric Costumes Outfits (Ladies UK 12-14 & Mens STD)


Barney and Betty Rubble Costumes

Become Fred and Wilma Flintstone's neighbours and best friends in the classic 60s cartoon or 90s movie.

Couples Zombie Nun and Priest Costumes for Him and Her


Zombie Nun and Priest Costumes

A zombified version of the classic priest and nun outfits.Going to church will never be the same again!

Forever hungry and always afraid, become the undynamic duo from the Scooby Doo cartoons and movies.

You'll have lots of flobbadobba fun in these Bill and Ben costumes. The series aired in the 1950s and rebooted in 2001.

Batman and Batgirl Couples Costumes

Become the dynamic duo and fight off villains together! These outfits are ideal for comic, film or Halloween themed events.


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