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Flapper Fancy Dress Costumes

Celebrate the roaring 20s with my pick of the best flapper dresses and costumes for women. These outfits are ideal for 1920s themed fancy dress, hen parties, couples and groups -why not get a partner to go with you and dress as a gangster or another flapper.

Best Value Flapper Costumes Under £20

I've chosen these outfits for their low prices, and if you're on a tight budget then these are an excellent option. Please note that the prices are subject to change.

Flappers were independent young girls who were exploring adulthood, and were seen as outrageous or immoral back in the 1920s, drinking, smoking, driving cars, going to Jazz clubs and endulging in casual sex. Their look became an inonic part of the decade, and often included a bob hairstyle and heavy make-up including rouge lipstick. By revealing their lower legs, straight and slim flapper dresses with their lower necklines were seen as rakish. They were worn with high heels and cloche hats or feathered head pieces, and exotic necklaces.

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