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Saint George and Tudoe Queen Costumes Set for Couple - him and her

Saint George and Tudor Queen Costumes

This idea is perfect for historical and Tudor period dress-up, and for St. George's Day. Become the patron saint of England, Saint George, and a Tudor Queen in this stunning fancy dress costume set for adult couples.

Available in a full choice of sizes, the men's knight costume includes a long white tunic adorned with teh England red cross flag, which has grey chainmail look arms, a red cape, chainmail style headpiece, and  a black belt with faux gold buckle. Hopefully, you won't need to slay any fire-breathingdragons!

The women's Tudor Queen outfit includes an elegant red velour dress with long sleeves and gold coloured braiding, with a velour heapiece with netting. 

Saint George's Day was established during the Tudor period and is celebrated on 23rd April each year. St. George is not English, though, and it is believed he was born in Cappodocia (modern day Turkey). He is most likely to have been a soldier or high ranking officer in the Roman army, and was not actually a knight and probably never visited England! He was killed in AD303. The story of dragon slaying was most likely added in the late 13th century.

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